The original way of storing bedding. Simple Master Class

Where to place a blanket or blanket if they are not used? The original solution to the problem of storing bedding - a combination of blankets and pillows. Housewife Laura Ann for storing blankets offers to sew a pillowcase of a special design. When the blanket is not needed, you can simply fold it and get a comfortable pillow. Laura called her device “quillow” - from the combination of the English words “blanket” and “pillow”. In the video on the channel Laura given detailed instructions for the manufacture of this convenient accessory.

This video uses a fleece blanket. This material does not require processing and is very convenient. But the idea is also suitable for a blanket made from any other material. Fabric for pillowcases, you can choose monochromatic or take a few pieces of different colors to create a more interesting and original model.

The size of the pillowcase is determined based on the size and shape of the blanket when folded. It is necessary to leave seam allowances. Laura cuts out the necessary construction from several pockets and sews it onto the corner of the blanket so that the fabric part recedes a few centimeters from the edge. For a fleece blanket is a must, since the seam at the very edge may not be strong enough.

After fixing the pillowcase, the blanket tucks inside. Now the design can be used as a comfortable pillow. This idea is also suitable for storing quilts. In addition, such a pillow is simply indispensable when traveling!