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Unexpected rework: coffee table from an old bench

There are many ways to apply printed pattern on wood. The author of this alteration has opened one more. It is suitable for newly-polished furniture.

For the project will need:

  • Jigsaw or sandpaper;
  • drawing printed on wax paper;
  • tablespoon;
  • varnish;
  • wooden table;
  • varnish for coating

For this project a table was made from an old bench. The filler and upholstery were in poor condition, so they were thrown away. But beautiful wood was exposed.

All the excess - away!

The top layer was removed using a jigsaw. You can use sandpaper, but this work will take more time.

Print selected pattern on wax paper. Thanks to her, it will be possible to easily transfer the image to wood.

Attach the drawing to the polished wood, carefully pressing on it with a spoon. Make sure that the paper does not move.

Figure will remain on the surface of the table.

Fix the result with varnish.

Great result!