Express methods of cooking beets. All the intricacies of instant cooking

Rich in vitamins and microelements beet is constantly used in the preparation of various salads and vinaigrettes. Meanwhile, some housewives prefer to avoid this root, and all this only because it takes a long time to cook the beets. Learning about some tricks to significantly reduce the time of cooking beets, you can not only diversify the diet, but also reduce the time spent in the kitchen.

According to the majority of information deposited in the mind, it can take up to 2-3 hours to cook beets, especially if a large root vegetable is selected. It was recommended to boil it over the years in the usual way for vegetables: wash it, pour cold water on it, and after boiling reduce the heat to minimum. The only way to reduce the cooking time was the choice of small beets.

Cooking beets quickly: a lot of ways, just choose your own!

Placing beets in a saucepan not with cold, but with hot water, you can shorten the cooking time to 1 hour.

You can do it even faster due to the effect of contrast. In this case, the beets are put in cold water, and after half an hour after boiling, they are turned off and drained, immediately placing the beets in cold water for 15-20 minutes. such a procedure is not necessary.

It is also a pleasure to clean beets cooled with cold water. It is enough to take it with both hands, lightly press down and repeat the movements characteristic of unwinding something.

You can cook beets and faster, in just 15-25 minutes, but according to nutritionists, this method will deprive the root crop of most of the nutrients. To do this, you need a deep pan, allowing you to pour the vegetables so that the water level is 9-10 cm above the vegetables and put on maximum heat for 15 minutes. Reduce the heat and cover the pan can not be lid. Immediately after cooking, the beets are sent to an ice shower for 5-10 minutes.

Alternative to cooking

You can cook beets in the oven. Each fruit is wrapped in foil and sent to an oven preheated to 180-190 ° C. At higher temperatures, the beets will lose most of the nutrients. For medium-sized beets, half an hour is enough; for large vegetables, time will have to be slightly increased.

You can also use a microwave. Cooking time will take from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the power. For a model with a power of 1000 watts or more, you will need only 8-10 minutes. When using a less powerful microwave, the time is increased by one and a half to two times.

Ways here 2. You can use for cooking dishes with a lid, in this case, you need to add 2-3 tablespoons of water to the bottom. Before being placed in the microwave, the beets are not cleaned, but only washed well. Even faster, the beets will be cooked in the sleeve for baking, with this method you will not need water.

It is necessary to take beets with extreme care so as not to scald with steam.