Air, like corn: crochet patterns

Love bulk crochet patterns? There are some of them that are very easy to confuse. Patterns of "submissive", "beans", "smoke" and "bubbles" are slightly different, although they have the general principle of the formation of loops.

Here is a simple and clear scheme that allows you to understand the features and basic principles of each pattern.

Pattern "popcorn"

Knitting starts with a nakida, then alternate loops stretched from the fabric with nakida. Extreme will be an elongated loop. Having formed the required number of loops on the hook, knit them together with one loop.

"Beans" pattern:

This pattern is different in that the first loop in the ornament is stretched out of knitting. This is followed by the alternation of loops and nakidov, as in the previous scheme.

Pattern "smoke":

The pattern is knitted according to the pattern from the working loop: the nakid and the next elongated loop are knitted together, the resulting loop remains on the hook. Then another pair, and again a loop on the hook. Gathering the required number of loops, they knit one, creating a three-dimensional fragment.

Bubble Pattern:

From the working loop nakid, stretched from the knitting loop are knitted together, the resulting loop is knitted from the worker. In the same way, several loops are knitted, until a “umbrella” is formed. The last loop of the umbrella is knitted together with its first loop (knitting returns).