From the old thing - to the new outfit: 16 photos of clothing rework ideas

Each person in the wardrobe has things that he has not been wearing for a long time, but it is a pity to throw them out. What can you do with it? To begin to show imagination and try to make "the new of the old." Let's look at 16 such interesting photo ideas!

We remake shirts, T-shirts, blouses and pants

With the help of simple tricks you can give the old thing a new image:

On simple T-shirts, you can sew a curious decor and thereby decorate it:

And stretched sweaters successfully turn into skirts, dresses and overalls:

The collar of an ordinary shirt can be decorated with beads. By the way, this is a rather popular decor: such shirts are still in fashion.

Old jeans are beautifully reincarnated in shorts, breeches and capris of your choice. Use paint on fabric, beads and other decor to transform the thing:

New life of old clothes

You can make a lot of new things from old clothes: for example, toys, pillow covers, scarves, jewelry and much more: