Delicious life hacking: simple but excellent dishes from the oven

Habitual ingredients, when combined together, can turn into a delicious dish from the oven. Fragrant, juicy, tasty and simple dishes from the oven - something that sometimes is not enough in the daily, familiar cooking. Try and cook interesting dishes from the oven, armed with simple ingredients! Here are just a few examples of delicious life hacking:

Hearty Stuffed Snack

Put the finished dough into a silicone ice-form, compact it a little into each cell and add, to your liking, the filling: cheese, tomatoes, greens, etc. We cover with the second layer of dough, fasten the edges. Then cut into portions and bake in the oven.

Delicious Portion Pie with Potatoes and Cheese

Mashed potatoes mix, to taste, with ingredients: ham, onion, cheese, spices, garlic. We spread on a rolled piece of dough in a circle, in the form of a bracelet, stuffing, cover with a second layer of dough, cut into pieces and wrap around the edges. Sent in the oven until fully cooked with Camembert cheese in the center.

Oven baked pasta

Boil the pasta. On the stove we cook creamy sauce from milk, cheese, spices. Pour the resulting mixture of pasta, cut the sausage (chicken, ham, etc.) and send in the oven. You can sprinkle cheese on top.

Edible Bacon Plate with Country Style Potatoes

Wrap the round superalny plate with bacon, send it to the oven before baking, remove the ready-made edible plate of bacon. Separately, fry the potatoes into large slices in the oven or in a pan, pour them into a plate of bacon and pour over your favorite sauce or sprinkle with cheese.

Nachos and cheese and meat casserole

Lasagna dough cut into slices like nachos, sprinkle with spices and salt, grease with butter, sprinkle with grated cheese and send to the oven before baking. Separately prepare meat casserole of minced meat (bottom layer) and cheese with your favorite additives (top layer). Served with ready-made slices.

For details on how to cook simple but excellent dishes from the oven, see the video below: