Oil candle for 2 minutes, which will burn an incredibly long

Oil lamps have long gone out of our lives, but this does not mean that we should completely forget this technique. Create in less than two minutes a candle that will burn for an incredibly long time. In addition, it itself can be a wonderful decoration.

What is required

  • floating wick
  • vegetable oil (1 tbsp. for 2 hours of burning)
  • glass jar
  • herbs, spices or essential oils optional

How to make

Fill a jar with leaves, flowers, buds or any other herbal ingredients if you want an interesting look. Fill with water. You can add food coloring.

Pour some vegetable oil on top. The oil layer should be approximately 0.5 cm thick. Put a floating wick in the stand and place on the oil layer.

Light a candle and enjoy.

Flowers and fruits will last about a week.

To extinguish the flame, simply cover the jar with a lid.