Delightful brooch “Clover of luck” made of beads, felt and glass beads


Beaded brooch is an incredibly delicate, beautiful and feminine accessory that you can make with your own hands. This is a creative and very delicate process, the result of which will be a unique and simply amazing brooch. We suggest repeating the idea with the “Clover of Fortune” brooch made of beads, felt and glass beads.

For work you will need:

  • felt of suitable color;
  • small hoops;
  • tight but thin threads to match;
  • beads and glass beads (choose shades to your liking);
  • ribbon shibori in tone felt;
  • rivoli 14 mm.

Getting Started to Create Brooches:

1. Find the clover pattern you like, cut it to the required size from paper, translate to felt.

2. Insert a piece of felt into the hoop.

3. We begin to form a shibori tape on one side of the clover. Attach it with small stitches along the edges to the felt. Secure the center with a thread and a pair of beads.

4. Remove the felt from the hoop. We start trimming the edges of the clover with beads. If it is convenient for you to do this in the hoop, do not remove the felt. Sew each bead around the edge of the future brooches with a “back needle” seam.

5. Next, you need to sheathe rivoli (if desired, if it is too difficult, you can skip this step). To do this, dial about 36 beads, close the thread into a ring, stringing beads through one. Thus a chain of beads is obtained. Then we make several more rows, but from another size of beads, we attach rivoli, we tighten.

6. We sew rivoli sheathed with beads to felt through the lower beads.

7. Return the felt to the hoop, pick up the beads and glass beads and begin to sheathe the clover to your liking.

8. Cut the workpiece - clover.

9. We take a dense material for the seamy side, translate the pattern on the skin.

10. Denote the place to attach the brooches.

11. Insert the base, glue the point and carefully cut out.

12. It remains only to process the edges with the American method of embedding. Leave empty loops between the petals.

A delightful brooch made of beads, felt and glass beads is ready!