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Super lush and beautiful petunia ball: reveal the secret

Bulk and beautiful, lush petunia ball - the dream of many gardeners and gardeners! This beautiful annual flower with a delicious aroma is very, very popular, which is not surprising. If you grow it in the form of a ball, such a lush and voluminous, only one petunia will be able to remarkably decorate the garden, and the balcony, and the terrace of the house. The most interesting thing is that it is easy to form such a bush, but, of course, you need to know a number of important and mandatory rules.

So, many gardeners and gardeners buy petunia at that age (seedlings with 5-6 leaves). This is the phase when petunia can correctly form actively growing lateral shoots. This is done, of course, a known method of pinching. However, there is one important nuance.

Pinch the petunia should not as usual (only the tip of the shoot), but a whole tip of the shoot, which is about 3-4 centimeters (see photo below). This action will provide the flower the correct formation of strong side shoots. The next action: when the side shoots are formed and grow to 10-15-20 centimeters, it is necessary to pinch each of them in the same way. This procedure is repeated as necessary (regrowth of shoots). The work will end when a lush, beautiful bush is formed from a small petunia.

An important caveat: provide petunias with timely and sufficient feeding, since forming a bush with a ball is not an easy task for the plant. If you want to grow a strong and beautiful plant that will delight you with a lush and fragrant flowering, timely apply suitable fertilizer for petunia (can be found in specialized stores).

This is how a luxurious and super-magnificent petunia at the “ball” stage will look like - beautiful and voluminous: