Brilliant business cards, the creativity of which will definitely impress you!

The business card is the face of the company. This little piece of cardboard is actually a very important part of a marketing campaign. The business card has two main components: appearance and information content. Today we will show you one of the most interesting examples of business cards in which these two components are combined in an ideal way.


2. Shop of cheeses.

3. The medical center.

4. Landscape designer.

5. Printed business.

6.Yoga Center

7. Circumcision Specialist.

8. Financial Agency.

9.Hairdresser and stylist.

10. Pilates studio.

11. Advocate of braking processes.

12. Bicycle repair shop.

13. Designer

14. Cafe for vegetarians.

15. Corrector

16. Apple iMac Business Card

17. A company that produces toy airplanes.

18. Hair Salon


20. Shop of kitchen appliances.

21. Artist

22.Printed office

23.3D designer.


25.Survival Specialist

26. Cosmetic surgery

27. Yoga coach

28.Fitness trainer

29.Visitka dentist.

30. Stylish invisible business cards