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Cleaning fruit and vegetables to help: 10 brilliant applications


Want to save money and reduce waste? Stop throwing out cleaning from fruits and vegetables. They can be used to make familiar actions easier and cheaper.


Source: Evoke Kitchens

Kettles are often scaled due to the increased hardness of the water in the taps. To remove it, throw a few lemon peels to the water. Bring the water to a boil, let it stand for ten minutes and drain.

The rind turns into a snack

Source: Minimalist Baker

Did you know that in the peel of eggplant many useful substances? Just add olive oil, favorite spices and bake in the oven. You get a crispy snack, and you don’t have to worry about calories.

Skin benefits

Source: Birth and Beyond Magazine

In the peel of apples have vitamins A, C and E. Wipe the skin from the inside of the peel of apples. Leave for five minutes and wash. A great option for owners of dry skin.

No itching

Source: Farmers' Almanac

Husk of garlic and onion contains anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory components. Apply the husk to an itchy insect bite for five minutes, rinse with water.

Homemade tea

Source: SnapGuide

Collect the cleaning of various fruits, pour boiling water and enjoy the useful tea.

Get rid of insects

Source: YouTube / Bright Side

To keep insects away from your home in the summer, scatter a bit of lemon and orange peel around the garden. Insect citrus flavors do not like.

Remove bags under the eyes

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If you are awake with bags under your eyes, rather clean the potatoes. Attach its peel under the eyes. You can further cool it to enhance the effect.

No water stains

Source: Riverside 247

If hard water stains appear on the stainless steel, use the inside of an orange peel to remove them.

Natural cleanser

Source: H2O Bungalow

Combine citrus peel with vinegar in a tight-fitting jar. Leave for a week. Pour into a bottle with a spray, use to clean various surfaces.


Source: Dirt Cheap

If you are not interested in using any other method of cleaning, turn the waste into compost.