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Unexpected study: fresh flowers - an effective means to relieve pain and stress

Bringing flowers to a loved one who is sick is a universal gesture that we do in the hope that the person will feel a little better and will be delighted with the gift and attention given. However, fresh flowers do much more good than you think! This may seem unusual and somewhat strange, but fresh flowers not only have a wonderful aroma and are pleasing to the eye - they can also have a significant impact on our health.

The American Society of Horticultural Sciences conducted a scientific study, according to which it was possible to assess the therapeutic effect of fresh flowers on the patients of the surgery department, and the result is simply amazing! 90 patients were divided into two groups. One group was in the wards with beautiful and fragrant flowers, while the other was without them. And the result in two groups was completely unexpected.

According to the study, a group of patients who always had live flowers in the ward had lower blood pressure and a calmer, closer to normal heart rate. They were much less likely to have anxiety, postoperative pain, fatigue. In addition, they were in a predominantly good, positive mood than a group of patients in whose ward there were no flowers. The conclusion of the study is obvious and predictable: fresh flowers have a therapeutic effect on human health, especially in those moments when he most strongly needs support.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is also able to lift your spirits and feel much better, according to another study published in the medical journal "Complementary Therapy in Medicine". This study consisted in observing female students who had vases with fresh, fragrant, fresh flowers in the dorm rooms. The girls felt much calmer, they were more relaxed, they were easier to handle stress and coped better with difficult situations. This information seems to give good food for thought! Perhaps it makes sense to go to the store and buy yourself a bunch of flowers - or rather three at once!