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Greenhouse for cucumbers: cool ideas that can provide an early harvest

To get an early crop of cucumbers is real even in the absence of a greenhouse. A little covering material, creativity and the use of what was at hand - this is what is needed to create a greenhouse. Protect from returnable frosts and provide a comfortable environment for growth can not only begin to go into the growth of bushes, but also adult fruiting plants. If desired, homemade greenhouses can be used for the cultivation of other vegetable crops.

Convenient full greenhouse built right above the tubs with planted cucumbers. At the heart of the design is a pole, from which several tubes are bent by an arc. All this is fixed on top with a cut-off plastic bottle and forms the frame of the dome. It remains only to cover the tent film and straighten it. It is also convenient that at any time it is possible to provide the cucumbers with airing, and with the onset of heat it can completely remove the film.

The beds added with racks turned into compact tents in which cucumbers will be located. The side walls are covered with a film. The main part of it is assembled from two sides according to the principle of roller blinds.

Here, too, the principle of roller blinds is used, but only on one side.

And this is a peculiar wardrobe for cucumbers. The roller mechanism in this design is not required. It is possible to use a thin cable, wire, old cornices to fasten the covering material.

Each bush has its own dome. Even the cellophane sleeve was not cut. And to raise the cover to ensure proper care and ventilation is easy.

To build a homemade greenhouse above the high garden is not difficult. The appearance of the design will vary depending on the material available.