Take some jute and glue to repeat this beauty.

The technique of jute filigree is incredibly beautiful and at the same time simple enough to repeat it. As a result, you will have a jute craft that is strong enough not to break, and at the same time very interesting to decorate the frame, window, kitchen fronts, vase, lamp, walls, perhaps even gifts. In addition, from jute you can weave a cup, a separate vase and many other interesting things in the technique of jute filigree!

It will take very little to work:

  • jute lace;
  • glue "Econ" or "Titan";
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • file;
  • a sheet of pencil (or a finished sketch).

A sketch can be chosen from the following:

And these are possible details of the work of the jute filigree:

Getting Started:

1. Draw a sketch on paper (or print it out). In MK is a pen. We place the sheet in the file.

2. From above we put glue on a simple and main central line, we apply a measured piece of jute.

3. Using tweezers, we begin to form curls for a feather. Do not twist them too much. Do not forget the glue!

4. Step by step, detail by detail, lay out the pieces of jute on the sketch with glue.

5. At the end of the work, let the glue dry a little, then press down the craft with something heavy (several books) and leave it overnight. In the morning, carefully remove the jute craft from the file (it will easily go away).

That's what happened in the end (the first photo). Crafts can be painted, if desired. These and many crafts in the technique of jute filigree you can do it yourself!