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5 effective ways to seal the gap between the wall and the bathroom

Even a small gap between the wall and the bathroom can cause smudges, dampness and mold in the bathroom. The most effective way to eliminate this problem is to seal the gap between the wall and the bathroom. There are at least five effective ways to eliminate it using common materials that can easily be found in hardware stores. In all cases, before starting work, the bath surface and walls should be pre-cleaned and dried.

Border tape

The fastest and cheapest way to fix the problem in the bathroom. For greater fixation, experts advise to additionally glue the tape with liquid nails.

Silicone sealant

The sealant is great for the narrowest crevices. Do not forget that after use the room should be thoroughly ventilated. Small life hacking: the seam will be smoother if you also use masking tape to insulate tiles.

Polyurethane foam

To work in the bathroom should choose a moisture resistant foam. This is the easiest way of all. The foam expands and fills the space between the wall and the bathroom, eliminating the problem.

Cement mortar

The formwork of the desired consistency is prepared in advance so that the solution does not fall down when applied. Cement mortar is applied to the gap area and leave to dry completely. The method is not quite aesthetic, so it is better to use additional curb tape or ceramic tile.

Ceramic border

Ceramic border sits on the tile glue. It is the most accurate and aesthetically beautiful way to seal the gap between the wall and the bathroom.