With a lid on the pan and a spatula in his hands: stunning paintings created in minutes

Do not be surprised if you see an artist, in whose hands instead of the usual brushes or pastels, with which it is customary to write masterpieces, there will be a can of paint for graffiti and something trivial. An ordinary pan cover, a piece of an old magazine, a chisel or a spatula - all this and much more becomes in the hands of a talented contemporary artist Brandon McConnell a sought-after working tool. The idea is simple, as all ingenious. If you want to master such a technique, you can take a risk - you will have to constantly master your skills at the same time, and an attempt to achieve perfection will not necessarily be crowned with success.

Glancing at modern canvases, it’s impossible to believe that their creation took minutes. And yet, this is a fact.

The birth of a masterpiece step by step: when brushes become unnecessary

Many of the art canvases have a space theme. With spray paint, everything is just beginning. As the painting is created, the master gradually covers certain parts of the canvas with covers, traffic jams or ordinary pieces of paper.

Further on, new layers of paint are applied to the surface. At the right time, the flaps are removed.

In the case of a conventional spatula.

It was with his help that the modern city grew up in a picture.

Make sure how quickly masterpieces are born are always possible by watching the videos captured in real time.