For the House and Cottages

Short curtains in the interior: always stylish and non-trivial

Short curtains always fit into the setting. Dense or airy, closing the window in full or half, they are often the most spectacular stroke that emphasizes individuality. The beauty of short curtains is that they are ideal for rooms with different functionality.

Excellent alternative to usual curtains are rolled, and also blinds. The presence of adjustment allows for access of daylight, while eliminating direct sunlight. Such curtains also perfectly cope with protection against "lights of the night city".

Always in the trend of fabric drapes. They can be straight and gathered, have ruffles, tucks, tails, and look at the same time impeccable.

Various options may be assembling and mounting short curtains. They can not only end, but even begin in the middle of the window and at the same time look stylish and original.

Roman, French, Austrian, straight and with elements of asymmetry they are charming. Use short curtains can not only inside the house. They are good for decoration of open verandas and balconies, gazebos and patio areas.