The master

Fashionable turban from a small piece of fabric: easy assembly - a stylish result

A turban or a turban that came to us from the East does not lose its popularity for a long time. Fashion for a luxurious fabric headdress returns with enviable consistency. In the classic version of the turban wind on the head, using a fairly large cuts of fabric. An outlet for fashionistas who do not want to spend a lot of time laying cloth or dreaming to get a fashionable thing with a limited amount of material exists. At the same time, the fabric will not have to be wound, and the turban will look stylish and original.

When the secret lies in the assembly

For our turban, you will need a piece of cloth with a slightly larger head girth and 2 times the height of the product. With such a small consumption of fabric, no edges will have to be further processed.

We fold the fabric four times, turn the bend towards itself and trim it, making it round.

The result is a double-layered rectangle with rounded edges.

Align the fabric, if necessary, make trimming.

Now the task is the following: to pick up the fabric.

It is possible to do assembly both vsplochny, and from edges to the center.

At this stage, you can try on a turban to adjust the density of the assembly and distribute it evenly.

Aligning the edges, we additionally fix the assembly.

Turning the turban.

We complement the cap elements of the decor. The options here can be very different.

The turban is ready, it remains only to wait a few minutes until the glue is completely dry.