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Unusual idea of ​​using a plastic bottle

From plastic bottles it turns out a lot of useful, practical and nice things. This and crafts for the garden, and home decor, and even decorations. For example, from one plastic bottle you get three (or maybe more) wonderful bracelets. In appearance, you cannot even say that they were made from a bottle. You can make bracelets with your children - this will be a useful, interesting and developing activity.
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Chic summer cake without baking: fast and incredibly tasty

Stunningly delicate easy to prepare summer cake can be cooked for tea with enviable constancy. Its beauty lies in the fact that the oven does not have to include. If you want to make such a cake easily with different fruit and berry filling options, it means that delicious experiments can be continued indefinitely.
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Knit out rags cute and practical things: 15 ideas for home and garden

Old t-shirts often go into rags, but some craftswomen cut them into strips, roll them into balls and create knitted yarn. This yarn is very soft to the touch, cute and, importantly, free. From it you can make a lot of useful things in life: mats in the hallway or bathroom, puffs, capes on the chair and seating chairs, blankets and scarves, slippers and bags for hiking in nature.
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The craftswoman glued the fabric to the back of the plate. All households rated the result.

Many of us want to create an elegant setting at the dinner table, but we can't afford to buy china and invite a designer. Fortunately, there is an easy way to create your own stylish plates without spending a lot of money. Choose a fabric with a pattern that you like. Any inexpensive fabric with a simple design will fit. You will also need the special transparent glue Mod Podge, which is sold at any hardware store, and a glass transparent plate.
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