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Amazing idea to remake a regular T-shirt into a fashionable Blouse

Not always for new things worth going to the boutique. It is a little imagination, and the usual T-shirt will turn into an elegant self-sufficient blouse. It will take very little time to work, and the stylish thing that appears in the wardrobe will delight throughout the summer. To rework T-shirts, just stock up with a small piece of transparent fabric and a bow tie.
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For the House and Cottages

Compact royal cuisine: 15 successful design projects in Khrushchev

The small space of the kitchen makes the owners think through the design of the whole room to the smallest detail. This is the only way to get a functional kitchen in which everything really fits: the work surface, household appliances, minimal furniture, and even decor. To do this, the owners resort to all sorts of tricks, for example, a window-sill, a countertop, a hidden storage system under the cabinets or behind a refrigerator, a figured work surface, etc.
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Charming idea for home - knitted organizers

Properly organized space at home is the merit of a good housewife. One of the assistants in restoring order becomes a regular organizer. However, even it can be made by hand, moreover, from yarn. Knitted organizers, undoubtedly, win over ordinary store beautiful appearance and uniqueness.
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Decorative bricks from egg trays

Finishing from an artificial stone or imitation of a bricklaying looks effectively and interesting. An obstacle to repair can be only the high cost of materials. This master class will tell you how to make an interesting decor, using what you would otherwise have sent to the trash. You will need: Cardboard trays from under the eggs; gypsum; warm water; polyethylene film; paper napkins; putty knife; plastic bucket; finishing putty; brush; acrylic paint Mark the dimensions of your future bricks on plastic wrap.
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Preserve the pristine beauty of flowers with 3 effective methods.

Nice to receive flowers as a gift. And every time they start to fade, it becomes very sad in my heart. If you want to keep a flower presented on a special day as a keepsake, or you are simply interested in ways of extending the life of the flower and preserving its original appearance, you can use the 3 effective methods described below.
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